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Unlock the Secrets of Skincare Producers

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Most skincare producers, especially the giant corporations, don't care about our skin and the environment - they care only about their profits. These companies invest millions of money in advertising campaigns to make us buy their skincare. That’s why we end up believing that a famous (or luxury) brand name guarantees high quality... and this simply ISN’T TRUE! We should be aware of it and avoid the trap of buying low-quality but expensive skincare that in the worst case might even harm our skin. To cut a long story short, have a look at some of the biggest secrets of skincare companies below!

Secret 1: They don’t develop new ingredients and don’t do any research.

“This anti-age cream will reduce your wrinkles dramatically thanks to the new active component invented in our

 laboratories,” - this is the statement we often hear in skincare advertising. However, most skincare producers,

even those with the exclusive and well-known brands, do not develop such ingredients in their own laboratories.

There are few research corporations in the world that really do this. The skincare producers buy these innovative

components directly from these research corporations without developing anything themselves!


Secret 2: They exploit the fact that nobody understands skincare labels.

What's the main aim of many skincare corporations with world-famous brands? To sell a huge amount of skincare products while producing them at the lowest costs possible... Which absolutely doesn’t mean that the prices are correspondingly low! To lower their production costs, these companies use lots of useless and even harmful ingredients of chemical origin like the petroleum-based ones (for example, mineral oil). Could you imagine putting petroleum, or all the worst chemical stuff you can only think of, on your face? However, when using skincare consisting of such components, you do exactly this. You’ll find these harmful ingredients even in the luxury skincare! There is only one way to avoid this and examine your skincare quality: having a look at the ingredient list. Only it can reveal the truth about the quality of skincare! You absolutely shouldn’t be a chemistry expert in order to understand it...

We make it easy for you!

Read the ingredient list with us!

Don’t blindly trust advertisement promises - it’s time to know exactly what's inside your skincare!


Secret 3: They add an extremely low amount of a good ingredient “just to name it” on the label.

One of the special tricks of skincare companies is to mention a good ingredient on the label, for example

by writing “with argan oil” or simply naming the product “Argan Oil cream”. We buy this cream because

we associate it with the precious argan tree kernels oil. However, if we have a look at the ingredient list

of that cream, we’ll easily discover that it contains a very small amount of the argan oil, since the latin

name  of the argan oil is at the very end of the list! Argan oil is amazing, however, its great properties

cannot be unfolded with such a small concentration. The rest of the cream is made by useless or harmful

chemical ingredients like the petroleum-based ones. It would be more logical to name the cream “petroleum

cream” rather than “argan cream” - but of course nobody would buy it then. 


That’s why we never get tired of repeating that the ingredients list is our greatest helper - it will always reveal the truth!


Secret 4: They use a too narrow skin classification.

Let’s take a look at the face of Maria, a 35-year-young lady. Her facial skin is dry with some red spots and wrinkles, she also suffers from puffiness in the mornings. Every time Maria goes to a skincare shop to buy a new face cream, she has to make a tough choice: if she buys an anti-age cream, her little pimples will be left without any attention. In case she takes a face cream dealing with red spots, which is typically a product for oily skin, her wrinkles will become even deeper. Why? Because such products usually contain alcohol which makes dry skin even drier. Also, it would be perfect if her cream would include some additional components to decrease her face puffiness. As we see, it’s impossible for Maria to find a face cream which would address all the individual needs of her skin when choosing out of standard face treatment products! 

Why such a narrow classification is used? The answer is simple: to minimize the costs!


Secret 5: They are lying that no preservatives are added.

While many skincare producers say that they don’t use preservatives in their skincare, this is not true since even a non-natural skincare without added preservatives would go bad very soon. To say this, they simply use preservatives which have not only some skin-useful (primary) function, but also a function of preservatives.

Secret 6: The expiration period indicated on the packaging is too long.

In the EU, skincare producers are required to show the expiration period end date (“use before”) only if it is shorter than 3 years (starting with the production day). If the expiration period is longer, they are not required to show it. Therefore, if you see a skincare product without an indication of the expiration date, there is a danger that it has been produced some years ago and is not effective anymore. Of course, we speak only about good skincare products containing mostly natural active ingredients! Skincare of chemical origin always has a long expiration period, however it doesn’t affect its effectiveness since it’s never effective.


An expiration date of active skincare shows only that till this date, the product will not contain viruses or bacteria, which, for example, could cause mould or fermentation. However, it doesn’t say whether it is still active. For example, if you take a good cream with lots of active components, you should use it within 12 months (and better keep it in the refrigerator). After one year, this cream won’t be active anymore and it will become literally useless. However, its smell and look will still be nice, so you won’t be able to recognize that it has lost all of its active properties by looking only at the expiration date. For this, you’d need a production date. That’s why you’ll find also the production date on all the Creatura Libera skincare products: this is our way to guarantee you the freshness and effectiveness of our skincare!

A few words on the so-called “natural” skincare

From our experience, lots of skincare which is named “natural” is not natural at all. You can easily understand whether a facial cream is really natural by looking at... guess what? Yes, our beloved Ingredients List!


Moreover, please note that even fully natural skincare will be unable to significantly improve your skin unless it has a large amount (in professional words, high concentration) of active ingredients.

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